How much is a verizon business account

Pricing for Verizon Business Accounts

Verizon offers various plans and services tailored for businesses of all sizes. Pricing depends on plan features and data needs.

Wireless Plans

Basic smartphones plans start at around $55/month per line for unlimited talk/text with lower data caps. Unrestricted "Above Unlimited" plans are $45/line for 2+ lines.

Small Business Plans

For up to 20 lines, Verizon Small Business plans offer unlimited talk/text/data starting at $40/line. Higher quality priority data and router rentals cost extra.

Large Business Accounts

For 20+ connections, Verizon customizes plans for each organization. Pricing is negotiated based on volume, with competitive rates for large accounts spanning multiple GB data allowances.

Internet & Phone Services

Fios Fiber Internet speeds from 100Mbps-1Gbps range $50-300/month depending on location. Digital Phone Unlimited costs $45/line and includes features.

Equipment & Taxes

One-time device payments, as well as monthly equipment charges like for routers, apply per line. Regular taxes and fees are not included in quoted plan rates.

Verizon Business Support

Dedicated account managers provide implementation, tech support, and consultation for added value compared to consumer accounts. These specialized services often increase baseline prices.

In summary, monthly costs for Verizon Business services start at $40-60 per line for competitive unlimited wireless, Internet from $50-300, and $45/line for Digital Phone. Volume discounts lower per-line pricing for large organizations.

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