How much does vfairs cost

Pricing for VFairs Event Platform

VFairs is a virtual and hybrid events platform that provides tools for online conferences, expos, seminars and other online professional gatherings. Their pricing models are:

Basic Plan

The Basic plan starts at $99/month and includes moderate capabilities for up to 50 attendees. Features include livestreams, breakouts, networking, and limited file sharing.

Standard Plan

For larger events with 50-500 attendees, the Standard plan is $249/month. It unlocks additional live event and content management tools.

Premium Plan

Organizations hosting events with 500+ attendees can subscribe to the Premium plan starting at $499/month. This top tier plan includes enhanced admin controls and analytics.

Pay-As-You-Go Option

VFairs also offers a Pay-As-You-Go model charging $5 per expected attendee for one-time events rather than a monthly subscription.

Add-On Modules

Popular extra features like the Matchmaking networking module, additional storage, or custom branding can also tack on small monthly fees.

Implementation Services

One-time implementation packages help teams set up their events, starting at $1,500 for basic onboarding assistance.

In summary, VFairs pricing begins as low as $99/month for basic self-service features. But for most organizations, spending $249-499/month unlocks the full resources needed for successful online gatherings of 50+ people.

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