How much does NetSuite cost?

Pricing Models

NetSuite offers subscription-based pricing models based on the needs and size of a business. The main pricing options are:

Starter Edition

This basic plan starts at around $799/user/month and includes basic functionality for small businesses.

Standard Edition

For mid-sized businesses, the Standard Edition plans range between $799-$999/user/month. Additional features like budgets, approvals, and enhanced reporting are included.

Premium Edition

Larger enterprises can opt for the Premium Edition starting at $1,499/user/month. This tier unlocks advanced capabilities for global operations, customizations, and integrations.

Other Factors Impacting NetSuite Pricing

In addition to edition, other variables that impact the monthly cost include:

Number of Users

Per-user pricing decreases as more users are added.

Customization Requirements

Additional charges apply if extensive custom fields, workflows or integrations are needed.

Subscription Term

Longer 1-3 year commitments usually qualify for discounts compared to month-to-month terms.

Implementation & Services

Professional services for setup, data migration, and training are typically extra.

So in summary, while NetSuite entry-level pricing starts around $800/month, most mid-large size businesses can expect to pay $1,000-$2,000 or more per user depending on needs and subscription details. Cloud ERP solutions offer savings over on-premise systems in the long run through lower upfront costs and built-in upgrades.

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