How much does future app cost

Pricing for the Future App

Future is an online calendar and scheduling tool that offers both free and paid subscription plans.

Basic Free Plan

The free "Future Standard" plan allows for unlimited scheduling with up to 3 calendars. It has basic features for individual or small team use.

Premium Paid Plans

  • Future Premium: $8/user/month billed annually for teams up to 5 users. Includes advanced features.
  • Future Business: $16/user/month billed annually for teams of 5-15 users. Adds organizational tools.
  • Future Enterprise: Custom Enterprise pricing for 16+ users. Includes admin controls.

Key Features by Plan

  • Standard (free): Calendar sharing, invite links.
  • Premium: Scheduling, booking pages, payment integration.
  • Business: Resource management, approval workflows.
  • Enterprise: SSO, customized branding, SAML.

Additional Services

Implementation packages, custom development, and support plans are extra starting from $99/month.

In summary, while the basic Future Standard plan is free, most teams will benefit from upgrading to Premium or Business paid versions for $8-16/user/month billed annually depending on team size. Enterprise pricing varies by needs.

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