How much does a pwc partner make

Salary of a PwC Partner

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is one of the Big Four accounting firms. A PwC partner can expect to earn a high salary reflecting their senior leadership position.

Base Salary

The base salary range for PwC partners in the US is $300,000 to $700,000 per year depending on office location, years of experience, and practice area. More senior partners may earn over $700k.

Bonus & Profit Share

Partners receive significant annual bonuses based on the overall firm's performance as well as their personal business achievements. Average bonuses are in the range of $300k to $1 million.

Equity Partnership

Partners have equity stakes in the firm which allow them to benefit from shares of the profits. Over time, these profit shares can amount to millions annually.

Additional Compensation

Partners may receive compensation for leading new business efforts, clients, or practice areas. Some take on additional roles like advisory council seats that provide further income streams.

Other Benefits

PwC partners enjoy top-tier benefits like health insurance, annual allowance for technology/misc expenses, generous defined contribution retirement plans, and potentially deferred compensation plans.

In summary, a PwC partner can expect to earn a minimum of $600k per year including base, bonus and certain benefits. Senior partners with substantial responsibilities may earn over $2 million annually between all compensation sources. Overall it places them among the highest compensated professionals.

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