How many bed bugs does it take to infest a building?

Research in areas with a high rate of bed bug infestation has come to a less striking conclusion. One female bed bug with fertilized eggs is more than enough to infest an entire building.. Their reproductive potential is very high and the bedbug population can increase geometrically if they have adequate food and conditions.

Bed bugs are small insects of the species Cimex lectularius. They are also known as bed bugs because this is the preferred place for these insects. They feed on blood through bites while the person sleeps. It has not been confirmed that they transmit diseases, like other insects and parasites that bite humans, but they can cause a lot of itching of the skin, inflammation of the bites and allergic reactions.

bedbugs they are very resistant being able to survive up to a year without feeding on blood. They are also quite resistant to most common insecticides and their eradication often requires professional treatment of buildings.

More curiosities about bedbugs

  • Bed bugs also feed on the blood of chicken and other poultry.
  • Evidence of bed bug infestation has been found as early as Ancient Egypt.
  • Bed bugs were introduced to America with European colonization.
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