Cookies on computers are files stored by internet browsers. Although the exact method of removing them may vary a bit from browser to browser, it’s generally very easy. Simply go to the “Tools”, “Options” or “Settings” menu of the browser you use and search for the option to delete cookies, usually next to the delete history and privacy settings options. Most browsers also have the option to automatically delete each time the browser is closed.

Keyboard shortcut to delete cookies

Although deleting cookies through the “Options” or “Tools” menu is easy and relatively quick, in most browsers there is a much faster shortcut. The deletion dialog of history, cookies and other browsing data can be accessed pressing the keys Ctr+Shift+Delete at the same time (Control+Shift+Delete). For example, when you press these keys in Firexfox, the following screen appears where you can select what information you want to delete and from when. Select “Temporary range: All” and check the cookies box so that all are removed:

At the time of writing this article the shortcut through the keyboard works in all major browsers except Opera.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are stored on computers and that help websites to remember information about the user and to offer you a better experience. Very varied information is stored in cookies and they are used for very different purposes. From simply reminding a website that it is not the first time you visit it, to storing search preferences or products from the shopping cart in an online store.

Although the cookies of one website cannot be read by another, so the information cannot be easily stolen, and sensitive information is not usually stored, you may not want a website to remember what you have done or not to leave a trace in the computer. In this situation, you must delete the cookies and web browsing history in the browser you have used.

Disable cookies

If you are continually deleting cookies, you may be interested in the option to disable them. This must be done in each of the browsers you use, if you do it in one browser it will only work in that browser. The deactivation of cookies is an option that you can find in the “Options”, “Tools” or “Settings” menu of the browser you use. For example, in Google Chrome you have to go to the “Settings” menu and on the screen that appears scroll down to the bottom and press “Show advanced options”. From the options that appear, go to the “Privacy” section and click on the “Content settings…” button; The following window will appear where you can disable cookies or enable them but they are automatically deleted when you close the browser:

Disabling cookies may cause some web pages to not work properly. For example, online shopping sites often use cookies to remember the product selection you make while you browse the online store. Disabling cookies can make the online store stop working. For this reason, it may be preferable to keep cookies enabled but to be automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

Disable third-party cookies

Among the cookie settings there is the possibility of blocking third-party cookies. This option blocks the storage of cookies belonging to another service when visiting a website. This is typically the case for banner ads displayed on a page that are operated through third-party services; These ads generally save cookies belonging to the advertising service external to the website you are visiting.

By means of this option, most of the functions of web pages will continue to work, such as the shopping carts of online stores mentioned above, while at the same time the recording of the session through several webs is prevented. In no case does this option prevent cookies from being stored completely, it only restricts them according to their origin.

Selective deletion of cookies

In most modern browsers there is the possibility of managing the cookies stored on the computer with the option of manually deleting the cookies belonging to certain sites while keeping the cookies of the other sites.

automatic deletion

The automatic cookie deletion option deletes all cookies stored on your computer every time you close your browser. This option is usually found in the privacy settings menu, usually next to the option that allows you to selectively delete cookies. This option is usually the best option for those who do not want cookies to be stored but who need them active to enjoy some features and functions of web pages.