How do I promote ear drainage?

Ear drainage or discharge is a natural phenomenon that involves the drainage of some type of fluid from the ear. Often the fluid is excess wax that the body is expelling from the ear canal. However, various types of otitis or ear infection can also cause a desire to promote drainage from the ear as a means of speeding up the healing process. Here are some ideas on how to encourage drainage and help relieve pain from an earache or infection.

Many forms of ear infection leave the individual feeling as if their head is filled with some foreign substance. Along with the feeling of fullness, pain is also often experienced. When an infection occurs, it's a good idea to see a doctor and get antibiotics or another medication that will make the swelling go away and drain any fluid trapped in the ear canal. In many cases, the ears will begin to drain within twenty-four hours of starting the medication, relieving both pain and congestion as fluids drain from the ear.

People who experience swimmer's ear often try to promote ear drainage to release trapped water in the middle ear or even behind the eardrum. Draining the ears is very important, as trapped fluid can create the ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Sometimes using a decongestant will help ease the pain and will also trigger the drainage action. Other times, using over-the-counter swimmer's ear products is a good option. Many of these products come with a bubble syringe that can help remove trapped fluid.

When ear wax hardens and begins to press on the eardrum, using home remedies to loosen the wax is often helpful. Many people use some type of oil to loosen the wax and allow it to drain from the ear. Other home remedies to promote ear drainage include the use of white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or a combination of the two. However, care should be taken when inserting one of these home remedies into the ear canal. If any fluid builds up behind the eardrum, an infection can form and cause much more pain than hardened wax.

When it is impossible to manage ear drainage at home using over-the-counter or home remedies, the services of a qualified medical practitioner should be sought immediately. There is a good chance that the reason for the blockage is more serious than previously suspected, and will require antibiotic injections or other procedures to allow the ear to drain properly once again.

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