How do I prevent tuberculosis?

The best way to prevent tuberculosis is to quarantine the infected person to avoid any contact with other people who can spread the infection. When it is necessary for an infected person to be close to others, it is best to keep in mind that tuberculosis is transmitted mainly through the air, by coughing and sneezing. Therefore, healthy people should avoid sharing air with infected people, and infected people should make sure to avoid open coughs or sneezes and wear a face mask when around other people. Handwashing and other practical sanitation measures are also important.

Tuberculosis is an infection that mainly affects the lungs, causing symptoms of coughing and sneezing, among others. Therefore, the infection is most often spread through the air, through droplets that are dispersed when a person coughs and sneezes. The bacteria can remain suspended in the air even after the droplets appear to evaporate, so it is essential that healthy people stay away from the airways of infected people. For their part, infected people should always wear a face mask to prevent tuberculosis from spreading to others. If one does not have a face mask, they should at least exercise caution by coughing and sneezing away from others and donning a cloth, such as a handkerchief or shirt sleeve.

Another way to prevent tuberculosis is to be wary of contact surfaces that infected people may have sneezed on or touched. Disinfecting commonly used areas, like the bathroom, or a frequently touched item, like a doorknob, is also a good way to prevent the spread of TB. Consistent handwashing should be practiced, by both infected and healthy individuals, to minimize the potential spread of bacteria through touch surfaces or body contact.

Of course, the best way to prevent tuberculosis is to quarantine the infection from healthy individuals. This means, if possible, restricting yourself to a bedroom until symptoms have resolved. If the infection is severe enough, hospitalization may be necessary.

As with any airborne infection or disease, any time an infected individual passes around others, the chances of spreading the disease drastically increase. Once the person feels healthy enough to resume social activity, it would be wise to thoroughly wash and disinfect clothing, bedding, and surfaces that were touched while the person was still contagious. Taking these steps can go a long way in reducing the chances of spreading TB to others.

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