How do I choose a taxidermy school?

There are several methods of training for taxidermists, including one-on-one instruction with a professional taxidermist, apprenticeship from a taxidermist, online taxidermy schools, and in-person taxidermy schools. Choosing a taxidermy school that is right for you and your time management needs is the most important step. Students must decide if they want to devote their efforts full-time to their education, or if an online taxidermy school that allows them to work at their own pace would be the best option. While apprenticeships are the most common way new taxidermists start in the business, education comes a close second.

Most taxidermy schools in the United States are technical or trade schools, offering two or fewer years of study in your chosen field. These programs require the student to attend classes at a physical school. Taxidermy as an occupation is best learned in a hands-on setting, and a taxidermist technical or technical school is considered the next best thing, while an apprenticeship in the field is the preferred path. Online taxidermist schools do not offer the hands-on experience or remediation needed to properly teach the subject, however they remain a popular choice for many students due to time, financial, and location considerations.

When choosing a taxidermy school, a student should inquire about the accreditation the school carries, if any, as well as the credentials and experience of the instructors they will be working with. Prospective students are advised to seek out a local professional or trade organization in taxidermy. These groups often have lists of programs their members have graduated from. When choosing a taxidermy school, it is recommended to seek out former students and ask current students about their experiences, if possible. Potential employers also prefer an online school that offers an internship or cooperative agreement for on-the-job training, but it's not required.

Many taxidermists choose to go into business for themselves. It is recommended that a person research their chosen taxidermy school to see if they also offer business management courses. Otherwise, many business owners and alumni recommend taking these courses independently elsewhere. Some geographic locations require certification tests before a taxidermist can practice the art of it, and a student should inquire about any necessary test preparation by calling a local professional organization.

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