How can I prevent migraines?

Having a migraine headache is a pain known only to those who suffer from them. When you have a migraine, everything hurts, and all you want to do is crawl under a dark rock and sleep. There are pills designed to specifically relieve the pain of migraines, but it is now believed that prevention is better than cure.

There are some factors to remember if you want to prevent migraines. The first factor is trying to figure out what exactly is causing your migraine. Recognizing when migraines occur and what triggers them will go a long way. These are called migraine triggers And they are different for each person.

As you recognize the pattern your migraines are taking, it should be easier to prevent migraines from occurring. The best time to prevent migraines is just before they happen; This is when medication management will be of great help. However, avoiding trigger situations will also help prevent migraines.

Many migraines are caused by the lifestyles we lead. Common causes of migraines are stress, too little or too much sleep, and too much caffeine and nicotine. The menstrual cycle can also be a trigger for migraines in women. Depression, alcohol, diets, certain foods, bright lights, and even smells can trigger migraines.

If you can recognize that you have migraines due to certain factors, you can prevent migraines from occurring. One way to prevent migraines may be to keep a migraine diary. In this book, you can document when migraines occur and what factors led to the migraine occurring. This can help you spot a pattern in your headache triggers and help you avoid migraine attacks.

There are several medications available that help prevent migraines. They are designed to be taken before the migraine starts. The newest drug on the market that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is topiramate or Topamax. This has had very successful results in treating headaches.

There are other ways to prevent migraines that don't involve drugs. Adopting relaxation and stress management techniques is said to be of great benefit if you suffer from migraines. Learning to control the body's blood vessels is another proven method of preventing migraines.

Recent research has shown that doses of riboflavin or vitamin B2, as well as magnesium, can help prevent migraines. When taking these supplements, you may have to wait three months before seeing any improvement. The effects and causes of migraines are different for everyone. If you are suffering, your doctor will be able to give you the best advice to prevent and cope with migraines.

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