How can I minimize cold sore scars?

Cold sores are the result of a herpes virus that is currently incurable. Cold sore scars are occasionally left behind, and although they are not always noticeable, sufferers seek various methods of removal. Vitamin E oil is an effective way to remove cold sore scars. Whitening creams are also helpful. Commercial skin products have gained popularity and promise gradual results, while surgery is a more immediate, albeit expensive, method of removal. However, some medical professionals claim that the scars will simply fade over time without surgery.

These blisters normally form around the mouth and nose. The herpes virus is responsible for cold sores and at the moment it cannot be cured. Fortunately, the blisters eventually heal but leave cold sore scars behind.

Cold sore scars can be removed with vitamin E oil. Apply this oil on the scars every day to gradually remove them. Vitamin E oil is particularly helpful because most cold sore scars are small and can be hidden with the appropriate product.

Bleaching creams are another effective means of getting rid of scars caused by cold sores. This form of cream eventually evens out the skin tone, causing the color of the scars to become lighter. These creams contain a whitening ingredient known as hydroquinone. Other useful bleach ingredients include kojic and glycolic acid.

There is also a popular skincare product available online called Mederma. Use this on the scar twice a day and results are expected to appear within a couple of months. This apparent effectiveness of this product is supported by hundreds of testimonials.

A more dramatic option for removing cold sore scars involves a chemical peel. A qualified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon performs this medical procedure. It involves burning the top layer of skin with acid. This results in blisters that should go away within a few days.

The skin in the human body goes through a renewal process after it has been damaged. After a chemical peel, new skin grows over the area where the cold sore scar was. This can be an expensive procedure, particularly as several operations may be necessary. Lactic acid and glycolic acid are contained in the chemical peel.

Several medical professionals have spoken out against invasive treatment for cold sore scars. They believe that most scars will eventually fade on their own. These doctors maintain that patience will see the scar disappear, making expensive surgery unnecessary.

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