High Definition

The term high , in addition to being the adjective that is usually used to speak or indicate the height above the average that a person has, female of course , is also used in the context of medicine but with an absolutely different intention and that nothing It has to do with height, since in medical terms, discharge is called the moment in which a sick person or patient, who was admitted to a hospital, recovering from some condition or accident or an outpatient, the professional doctor who attends him and as a result of the recovery that his condition presents, allows him to return home to continue with his normal life, suspends theadministration of a medicine or tells you that as his condition improved, it will no longer have to do with the regularity with which he had been doing it .

Although the term is mostly used in the medical clinical specialty, it can also be applied and is used in psychological and psychiatric cases.
It should always be the family doctor or the one who has treated us in the hospital, who decides the time of medical discharge, communicating it a few hours before both the patient and their relatives so that they can have the necessary and obligatory arrangements that they have. to do with leaving a medical center.

Although the fact that you have been discharged implies that there are no more risks and that the person is in optimal health conditions , likewise, the doctor must give his patient a report on the evolution of his disease and if necessary that Despite discharge, he follows some considerations, for example, about food , which will help his early integration into the normal life he has been leading.


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