Definition of Unsightly

The unsightly concept is frequently used in fashion where image counts. That is, the image projects certain information. And this image can be unsightly when, for example, a person combines colors that are not harmonious with each other.

In this type of case, we say that a set is garish for being excessively flashy. In this sense, a combination is unsightly when there is no consistency in relation to good taste. On the contrary, something is aesthetic when it conveys beauty, a beauty that is pleasant to look at.
Aesthetic customs
From the point of view of the beauty rituals of each culture, there are also some tendencies that can be considered unsightly (even if only the result of social custom). For example, many women feel that it is not aesthetic to wear a skirt if they have not waxed. In this context, hair in some areas of the body (both female and male) is unsightly according to the taste of many people who prefer to remove it through different hair removal systems.

The concept of beauty goes far beyond fashion and physical appearance , it can also be applied to other areas such as decoration. In that case, when a couple decorates their house to create a home , they may decide not to add certain decoration details because they consider that they are unsightly with the style of the room. It is also unsightly to have a messy and dirty home to live in or entertain visitors without proper care.
Rude gestures
On the other hand, the unsightly concept can also by extension be applied to the rules of good manners and politeness . For example, eating with your mouth open is unsightly. Or also, be talking with a friend and instead of attending to the conversation, pay attention to the mobile phone all the time.
In relation to good manners, it is also unsightly to be late for a job interview or to wear an overly casual look at this type of professional event .
It should be pointed out that there may also be a relationship between ethics and aesthetics. From this point of view, actions such as stealing are unsightly as they are morally ugly actions. Criticizing a person behind their back is also aesthetically ugly.

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