Definition of tax audit

People who live in accordance with the law in a community have certain rights and also obligations to fulfill. Among the obligations, the tributary ones stand out, that is, the payment of the taxes that correspond to them and that come from the activity that is practiced.

People and companies pay taxes based on the area in which they work and also on the income they receive.

There are many mechanisms deployed by states and other entities to verify that people and companies pay their taxes as appropriate , while one of the most implemented is the tax audit , which consists precisely in the exhaustive control carried out by professionals. on the tax situation it presents, whether a company or an individual, to corroborate or verify whether or not they pay their obligations to the treasury as they should .
The procedure consists of a comparison of data between the affidavits, tax payments and the financial situation of the body or individual on which the audit of this type is carried out.

It is a detailed process in which each economic and tax aspect will be studied, that is, nothing will be left to chance but in reality everything will be a plausible matter of study, the structure, the operations carried out, the economic situation , among others.
Once everything was analyzed and observed detail proceed to the completion of a report that should contain how was the operation of the audit, that is, the path through which it came to each data provided in the report, and other On the other hand, the author of the work will allocate a part to provide his vision, opinion, on the research carried out.

Basically, it will say if things are in order or if they are not and then it will indicate if it is necessary that some obligations that were ignored are fulfilled.
Many companies commission these audits to find out if their entire tax situation is in order.
On the other hand, when it is detected that a taxpayer has not paid his taxes properly, the corresponding entity will send him a notification in this regard inviting him to regularize the state of affairs as soon as possible. If this is not done in the given time and manner, the state may initiate a case for tax evasion against that taxpayer.


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