Definition of social action

The concept of social action is widely used in our language. In the field of Sociology , the concept is used to designate that action that will affect the behavior of others .

Meanwhile, one of the most important sociologists in history, such as the German Max Weber, who has so deeply addressed the issue at hand in this review , identified four types of social actions in terms of ideal models: traditional or custom (that is, an action that is governed by norms or principles, in which the rational practically does not intervene); affective or emotional (in this case it is guided especially by emotions that originate in individual passion); rational according to values ​​(it is guided by a principle or a norm ) and actions aimed at achieving a rational end (it is oriented to seek a rational end).
And on the other hand, the concept of social action is widely used in our language to refer to those governmental or non-governmental areas that are especially dedicated to carrying out various activities or programs that have the ultimate goal of assisting a population in need or affected by a particular situation. , among other. In this sense, social action will seek to modify a current state of affairs to improve it. Social action always tends to achieve the welfare of the people.

It should be noted that most of the state actions deployed by a Non-Profit Organization, such as a foundation, or failing that, those carried out by the state from a specific area, are aimed at satisfying the most basic needs than by x situation. they cannot be satisfied, such as: food, clothing, health, education . Generally, the lack of economic resources is the main reason why some people or sectors cannot satisfy them.
And on the other hand, social action is also fully deployed when a natural catastrophe or an emergency occurs such as an earthquake, a fire, an avalanche, among others, then, the organizations dedicated to social action will organize to make sure the most needed help to the affected areas.


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