Definition of Snatch

The term snatch is a term that is used to represent the action that someone takes something from another person, either because that person had it or because the first got it before and "takes it out of their hands ." The term snatch is a verb and depending on the region of Spain or Latin America it will be used more or less frequently.

We understand by snatching the act of removing or removing something, an object, a material element or something non-material (such as a love ) from another person. The etymology of the term is of Latin origin since for this language the word " raptare " meant "to kidnap". Thus, the idea is generated that the verb snatch means precisely to kidnap something or someone when another person was going to obtain it.
There are specific situations or circumstances in which it is common to hear the verb snatch and this is when one refers to theft, when a person takes something that another was going to grab, when it is spoken metaphorically. In this sense, it is common to say that someone snatched the bag from another person and here it is being meant that this act of snatching is a robbery or a violent removal of the possession in question. This act of rapture is of all those mentioned the only one that supposes a judicial sanction since it is an illegal act.

Then we have other types of uses of the term snatch, which is when a person takes something from someone's hands but without the intention of stealing it if not with the intention of taking it first. Finally, there are two metaphorical uses of the term snatch, which is when it is said for example "Peter snatched Mary's heart ", meaning that he stole her heart or fell in love with her. The second is when it is said that something was "snatched" in the sense that it lost volume , became smaller or scared.


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