Definition of Robbery

In many Spanish-speaking parts of Latin America the word robbery is used to account for a robbery, a scam , that is, it would be a synonym for assault .

The robbery is one of the most common crimes that is registered in the whole world , it is generally characterized by the violence exercised by those who rob, the criminals, against those who are the target of it, the robbed.
The aim that a criminal pursues with the robbery is to seize illegitimately the assets that an individual legitimately disposes of. Valuables such as gold and silver chains, earrings of the same material, necklaces, watches, statues, busts, automobiles, clothing, electronics, electrical devices, among others, turn out to be the most precious goods by thieves when perpetrating a crime. robbery.
Meanwhile, as we mentioned, violence is the vehicle that they normally use to get loot, accompanied by repeated threats against the integrity of the robbed person and his family in order to achieve the conviction that they hand over the loot. Firearms, knives, or any other instrument capable of severely harming an individual are frequently used to achieve the objective of intimidating a person and in this way to gain the good of another in question.

Meanwhile, it turns out to be precisely the use of force and violence the reason why this type of crime is severely punished once it is proven in court , because in addition to the illegal appropriation of property, it will be taken into account whether the It was carried out with violence and it was in this way, of course, violence will be an aggravating factor when increasing the penalty that the penal code has pre-established.


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