Definition of Pleasant

The word pleasant is a qualifying adjective that we use frequently in our Spanish language to indicate when something or someone causes us pleasure . In as much, by liking it designates to a taste, to the pleasure and to the satisfaction experienced . Then, that or that which is pleasant will directly cause us pleasure, it will please us and it will give us enormous pleasure.

Pleasant is a word that we usually use in different areas and conversations and it will always involve positive questions, because something or someone that we find pleasant is because they are in tune with our interests, preferences, among others.
As we indicated, the word can be applied to people as well as to things or situations. Thus, we can find that this or that individual is pleasant because they have a good disposition and good humor in social gatherings. When people are characterized by their sympathy and by creating a harmonious climate in the environment in which they are interacting, they are popularly referred to as pleasant; with a pleasant meeting , because all the assistants collaborated with their fun to generate a festive atmosphere ; or with a pleasant climate because it is neither cold nor extremely hot, but rather warm, allowing us to carry out activities without feeling cold or hot.

Meanwhile, pleasant is closely linked to other terms that often act their synonyms and vice versa, such as: sweet, attractive, interesting ... . On the other hand, the terms that directly oppose the term in question are: unpleasant, unpleasant and annoying , because that or that which is considered as disagreeable will dislike and will not produce any type of liking, sympathy and will be a constant that annoys their way being or behaving, which is usually noted for being irritable.


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