Definition of Loving

The word love is widely used in our language and is associated par excellence with love , one of the most important feelings that human beings experience and that has to do especially with the deep affection , attachment and commitment that they feel for another person .

So, loving is having love and loving another .
Although we tend to use the word love and love more frequently in relation to a rather romantic feeling for another individual that attracts us, we can also meet people who use it but to express other types of links that have nothing to do with what we are. loving, such is the case of friendship , family relationships.
Now, always, always, when you talk about loving you will be realizing a great affection.
But the indicated one is not the only use that this popular word presents but it is also used to indicate the realization of the sexual act with that individual who corresponds to us in the feeling of love . Laura and Juan loved each other for the first time at her home while her parents were away .

And on the other hand, when we experience a great and excessive interest in something, an activity , a thing , we say we love it. Maria loves having dinner with her friends every Thursday night. My dad loves to play golf .
Among the most used synonyms for this word, those of wanting and appreciating stand out , although, it should be noted that in current use they are attributed a lower intensity than that implied by loving, so although they are often used interchangeably, sometimes some people They can interpret a greater or lesser intensity of the feeling of appreciation depending on whether one or the other is used.
Meanwhile, the word that is opposed to the one we are dealing with is that of hate , which implies the totally opposite: to feel dislike, rejection for someone or something .
Due to the enormous importance that sentiment presents in the humanity of our planet, it has been a subject widely discussed in books, movies, television programs, among others. Furthermore, many of these stories are transported from real life and vice versa, that is, people can be seen reflected in some.


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