Definition of Haute Couture

The concept of haute couture is part of the world of fashion in its most sophisticated version. The basic principle is haute couture dressmaking at the margin of the industry processes textiles . This means that a dress receives this qualification when it is handcrafted in all aspects of its manufacture ( design , finishes, choice of fabrics and sewing).

A concept of French origin
Haute couture professionals (a term that comes from the French haute couture) are fashion designers, who create a garment based on a client's order . The commissioned dress is made in a specialized workshop and the client must undergo a series of tests (anatomical measurements, color combination or preparation of sketches based on their physical characteristics).
The haute couture designer must attend to the requests of a client and assess the type of event in which a haute couture garment will be worn (a gala, a wedding or a formal ceremony). Thus, the final result has to combine several aspects: the aesthetic value of the clothing, the client's personal style and the place where the garment is going to be worn.

The world of haute couture
The technical parameters of haute couture are elitist, since the garments that are created are not typical of ready-to-wear, garments that are mass-produced and intended for the population as a whole.
Fashion houses specializing in haute couture are characterized by a special attention to high- quality fabrics and are aimed at clients with high purchasing power, since they are exclusive dresses. For this reason , this world is associated with glamor, luxury and a very restricted sector of the population.
From a historical point of view, this sector took its first steps in Paris in the 19th century, as this city is considered the capital of fashion. The first designers considered their creations to be artistic and began to put their own signature on them. In this sense, the creation of a haute couture dress was no longer carried out by a dressmaker or a seamstress, but rather it was an authentic creator who made a dress.
The creation process
The first step is to take the measurements to the client and make a mold of the dress (normally three measurements are made to the client and these are made on their own body). Then the fabrics are cut and the different types of stitching are used (buttonhole, hidden, chopped, overcast or loose stitch, among others). In certain cases, some embroidery or lace technique is used . In the final phase of production , the hem of the dress is cut and its final adaptation to the client.


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