Definition of Harvesting

The word use is used to express the obtaining of some type of benefit or profit, generally in connection with the development of some activity, on a personal level, in a business, or employment, among other alternatives.

Achievement of a benefit for performing a task, conducting a business and reporting an advantage
The benefit, then, turns out to be a profit or advantage that was achieved .
Normally, it is used at the request of an economic context to designate the profit obtained after the completion of a business, a promotion , among other possibilities.
Any business activity that is developed has as a priority mission the achievement of an economic benefit: for example, maximizing sales, the income of foreign currency , among others, and that benefit will be the effect that is achieved by the difference between the income achieved and the expenses. that turned on that road.
Always, in order to make a profit in this area, it will be necessary to develop a commercial strategy , duly studied and oriented towards success.

This implies having a thorough knowledge of the market, of the competitors, of what the potential consumer needs, among the main points.
Activities such as communication and marketing help in this sense and are key tools to avoid failure, however, they are not infallible, but they generally give good results.
We must also point out that those benefits that are achieved are usually reinvested in the company to continue obtaining more and more benefits.
Although, not only in this field is the word used, in other orders, such as social, or in the field of construction , it is possible that we come across this term.
Use the friendship or knowledge of someone with power to achieve a profit
In the social aspect, the use can be given, for example, by the friendship that we maintain with an influential or transcendent person, which could bring us concrete benefits in the case of access to exclusive places that only personalities are allowed to pass and not the ordinary people, to get a job in a relevant place, to have an economic slack, among others.
People with power and authority in whatever field, political, social, economic, sporting, cultural, among others, arouse an additional interest in ordinary people and relatives, obviously especially in those upstarts of their fame and authority, or who want to get closer to get some kind of advantage that improves their situation.
This is a very common situation that we can appreciate and that usually does not end in the best way, because when there is an economic interest, it will always come before the affective and damage the relationship.
This scenario is popularly known as taking advantage of someone, and of course it is very frowned upon by those moral and ethical people, who do not see with good eyes, that someone approaches another only to get an advantage.
Unfortunately, it is something very common in life, and it causes much more rejection when the exploitation is done with someone vulnerable or who cannot take account of that reality of abuse, for example, an elderly person, or a person with a mental illness.
The term has several synonyms that can be used in place such as: profit, production , exploitation ... .
Meanwhile, it is directly opposed to concepts such as waste and waste , which precisely suppose a misuse of the resources that were used.
Urbanism: Roof surface with the possibility of building
And in the area of urban planning , the concept of urban use designates that buildable roof area that facilitates urban planning on a certain place, admitting all types of use and highlighting each part of the area involved with the corresponding relationship of lucrative value and the predominant use in the field in question.
It should be noted that it is an economic value and is obtained by multiplying the price per square meter at the time of calculation by the number of existing meters.


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