Definition of Counseling

The Concept of consultancy is used to designate the office of the consultant and the office in which this professional carries out his activity.

Office of advisor and office in which he carries out his activity as advisor on a subject of which he is an expert
The advisor is an individual who specializes in a subject and on it provides advice and advice to other people who demand that specific knowledge that he has.
Usually the advisor works in those areas that are considered sensitive in terms of knowledge, that is, there are very few professionals with suitability and knowledge in this area.

For example, it is that the advisor is located in the sector of the economy corresponding to that of services based on specialized knowledge and added value.
An activity that takes place in various contexts: politics, economy, companies, labor, religious ...
For example, in democratic systems at the behest of the Legislative Power , it is common for legislators to have advisers on various matters, who assist them when drawing up projects, or simply with regard to engaging with the media.
Legislators are normally required knowledge and opinion on various issues and therefore it is impossible for a single person to know everything, all the time, so the legislator hires the services of advisers on specific issues to guide them on issues concrete such as economy, security , education , law , among others.

On the other hand, private companies are often other large consultants' contractors when they want to venture into areas that are underdeveloped or unknown. The hired consultant who does have the knowledge will help to move and act with precision and success in the area in question.

Once it has been developed, it is usual for the company to dispense with the services of the advisor and its work is continued by a trained professional of the firm.
In any case, we must say that this activity is developed in the most diverse fields not only in politics and in the private sphere, we will see later.
The advice is a very common activity these days, but informally used since time immemorial by man, by which he will provide the necessary support to people who so require so they can develop different activities, reasons for consultation and finally Through the work that the consultancy in question provides, to be able to achieve an understanding of different situations in which the person or institution requesting advice is found, judicial, economic, political, financial, real estate , among others.
Assist in difficulties, problem solving and clarification of issues
The main benefit that counseling provides to those who come to it is the help it gives when solving specific doubts in the area of ​​interest . The reason for creating the consultancy has been precisely this, to help people in what they have difficulties or in what has always been a problem for them.
Counseling works basically as a service that provides assistance to a natural or legal person and supports them on a subject x on which they are an expert. This knowledge in the matter will guarantee an efficient handling of the situation in question.
It should be noted that the advisor , as the individual in charge of the advice is called, must always be a professional in the matter to be discussed.
Types of counseling
There are different types of advice, namely: legal advice , for example, this will alert us and guide us in the procedures to be carried out when a business or company is opened, whatever the nature of it, the advice will guide us about the conditions of hiring of personnel, on the regularization of the assets held by the institution in question, among so many tasks.
On the other hand, the administrative advice , also at the request of the opening of a new business, will guide us on the presentation of projects to be able to obtain the financing that it needs to function; It will also be in charge of the follow-up and signing of the books that keep the records of the company.
Meanwhile, the accounting advice will be the one that will give us light about the simplest ways to comply with the tax obligations that correspond according to the item.
Another very common advice these days is computer advice , which of course will deal with the different contingencies in this area, such as: use of the Internet and computer networks, the training of personnel in specific programs, among other tasks.
On the other hand, in the educational field, it is common for us to find the so-called educational advice , which deals with assisting, through suggestions, opinions and illustrations, the directors or professionals of school institutions, with the aim of Improve the quality of education.


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