Definition of Appearance

One of the most widespread references to the word aspect is one that allows expressing the appearance of a thing or person .

Appearance that something or someone presents and that is appreciated by sight
Meanwhile, we must say that determining the appearance of something or someone is closely related to the sense of sight, because appearances are only accessible through our eyes.
It is the word that we use the most to communicate how this or that is presented, that is, the physical form they have, the impression they produce as a result of the clothing they are wearing, if they have an aspect that exudes health or on the contrary disease, in the case of people , or that this or that product is fresh, among other alternatives ...
Synonym of semblante
We must also say that the word is used a lot as a synonym for countenance, when a face expresses some feeling or emotion ; Many times by the face that someone presents, we will be able to know if they are happy, if they are sad, angry, and then, that warning before speaking to them will allow us to know how to treat them, how to approach them.

If we see a sad coworker, obviously, we will not make any inappropriate comments or annoy them because we realize that they are not okay.
On the other hand, someone's face can change from one moment to another, if for example he receives pleasant news, or if the opposite happens.
How appearance influences our decisions and choices
The aspect that something awakens us can be decisive when it is pleasant or unpleasant for us, whether we accept it or not, for example.
We live in a time and type of society in which great emphasis is placed on the appearance that people present, even, many times, it is the trigger for successes or failures in life.
A beautiful appearance will open the doors of many jobs and awaken the empathy of people, while people who do not comply with the canons of beauty but rather contradict them, do not usually enjoy these benefits.
Of course, beauty or ugliness is something very subjective, however, there are established parameters that allow us to determine it.
Therefore, currently people give special importance to the way they look or their physical condition ...
On the one hand, cosmetic surgery allows those who do not like some part of their body, modify it, the woman who has little breasts can increase them, or who has a large nose can make it smaller or improve its appearance.
And it is also possible to modify the appearance from the clothing that is worn, if you want to make a good impression on the other, the ideal is to wear a neat clothing according to the context in which it is presented.
One cannot go to a gala dinner in sneakers and jeans, if someone does that they will surely be questioned and discriminated against.
" How ugly you look, please, change for dinner that the guests will arrive. If it had not been for the good appearance that she shows, she would not have stayed with the promoter position . "
Use in Linguistics
In the field of Linguistics , the word aspect is used to designate that grammatical category that is proposed to differentiate at the request of the verb different ways of representing the action depending on the time it lasts, the way it evolves and the conclusion it proposes .
That is to say, put in simpler words, the aspect in this context is that grammatical category that deals with communicating whether or not the verb concluded at the moment of its enunciation .
Astronomy: position of a body relative to the sun
On the other hand, in Astronomy , we also find a special reference for the word aspect, since it in connection with a body of the solar system and observed from the earth, will be its position with respect to the sun .
Meanwhile, the concept in this sense is closely related to the movement of the planets on earth.
Traits presented by a theme
And in colloquial language we use the word when we want to refer to each of the features, various characteristics, that presents a situation or question that must be subjected to analysis precisely because of the different points that it holds .


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