Definition of Animosity

Animosity is a negative feeling that someone or a group feels about another or others and that is characterized by the presence of a great antipathy that is destined precisely towards the person who arouses the animosity .

For example, when someone does not love another and manifests it by saying it or by giving certain gestures, we will say that they have animosity towards that person.

We can say that animosity is the equivalent of antipathy, resentment and enmity and that is why it is usually used as a synonym for these words, which by the way turn out to be more commonly used than the word animosity to refer to that feeling.
Animosity is usually perceived or decoded through several actions or more than one situation charged with animosity. By this we mean that in order to speak or decree someone's animosity against something or another, we will have to have already recognized more than one animating, unpleasant or unpleasant action of one towards another.
Animosity is easy to detect because it can be observed in gestures such as inattention or an expression of displeasure on the face and other gestures. And also in the bad and contrary comments you can recognize the animosity.

It is difficult to speak of animosity of one person with another if there was only a bad response or a bad action of her towards another. Now, when there are many contrary actions of one individual against another, and even more so, they are free, that is, generated without any deserving cause, then there we can speak of animosity, without a doubt.
With an example we will see it more clearly ... A teacher who in all classes calls to give a lesson to the same student , because he has it between eyebrows because one day he answered him wrong and to that is added that he always entrusts him with the realization of a special work, very difficult, we will be in a position to affirm that the teacher shows animosity against that student.
It should also be noted that that rejection or little sympathy that characterizes animosity is not only against a person, it can also be directed towards some place, an idea, because a bad experience has been had or because it is not shared, respectively.


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