Definition of Almanac

An almanac is an annual publication that is characterized by collecting in it all the most important data or news about a given subject .

In the almanac it is common to find astronomical data, statistics, and information about the movement of the sun, the moon, eclipses, holidays and outstanding chronologies .

The word has an Arabic origin equivalent to that of the word climate and that precisely has to do with the original purpose for which it was first created and used: in Agriculture to provide information on the climate and the seasons of the year.
The antecedent of the almanac is the Greek climatic calendar known as Parapegma . The astronomer Ptolemy was the first to make a type like the one mentioned in which a list of climatic changes characteristic of the regular seasons would appear. The first and last appearances of the stars, the constellations of dawn and dusk, solar events such as the solstice, among others.

Meanwhile, in addition to these climatic considerations to favor the work of the farmer, the calendars of yesteryear used to contain some moral and hygiene recommendations for the people.

Later, with the diffusion of the printing press, the almanacs, without a doubt, became very widespread and required publications by the public belonging to different social classes, that is, the poor and the rich had their almanacs.
The almanacs that predominate today have expanded their horizons and include statistical and descriptive data that concern the entire world.

Topics of interest and historical events are the contents that currently abound most in today's almanacs .

Among the issues reflected by almanacs we find the following: geography , medicine, health, business, government , agriculture, demography, religion, mass media , sports , award ceremonies , among others. Likewise, it is possible to find specialized almanacs , such as an almanac on North American politics .
On the other hand, the register or catalog of all the days of the year, distributed by days, weeks and months, which has astronomical data such as the changes of the moon, meteorological and even religious , is also designated as an almanac . Juana knows the saints of each day thanks to her almanac .


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