Definition of Almácigo

The seeds of the crops can be deposited in containers as a previous step to their cultivation in gardens or orchards. These containers are known as seedlings. This word comes from the Arabic, specifically from the word almástaka which means sown field.

Most of these containers that serve as seedbeds have a grid shape and are made of a wide variety of materials, such as wood , plastic or cardboard. In them you have to make a small hole underneath so that the excess water can drain off.
Necessary preparations
Some type of substrate is deposited in each of the seedling grids, which has to be soft to allow proper ventilation and adequate water drainage. The grids are then filled in with dirt. Next, the seeds are sown and it is advisable that they be seeds with a certification . Then, the container is moistened with a little water to facilitate germination. With this process the subsequent growth of the plants is easier. Sometimes the sown seeds are covered with small layers of soil.

Once the seedbed is prepared, a plastic is placed on it to generate heat so that the plants receive the sun's rays and grow properly. Some of these containers may remain on the air free.
As for the water that the plants receive, it is convenient to use a sprinkler irrigation system. After these preparations it is expected for a few weeks depending on the type of crop. When the plants have grown they can be transplanted to the vegetable garden or garden.
Seedling transplantation
When the plants already have embryonic leaves, it is the right time for the plant to stop being protected by plastic and to be placed outdoors for a few days. From then on it is possible to break the structure of the seedbed and place the plant on solid ground. Once this process has been carried out, the soil must be compacted and then water the plant abundantly so that the roots are well hydrated.
Generally, a seedling is used as a planting system when it is intended to guarantee the germination of the seeds. It should be borne in mind that direct sowing into the ground is not always fruitful because the soil has not been properly fertilized.
The use of these seedbeds is advisable for those who are beginning to familiarize themselves with growing plants and do not yet have much experience . In recent years this planting system has become popular among fans of organic home gardens.

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