What is Aircraft

The term light aircraft is one that is used to designate a type of aircraft or light aircraft , smaller than the rest of the commercially used aircraft. The plane allows you to have a different experience when it comes to flying not only because of the reduced space it offers (and the need to always carry few passengers) but also because of the technical conditions from which it can fly and thus perform different pirouettes or maneuvers that a traditional airplane cannot easily carry out. Aircraft are often used as private vehicles by people with significant purchasing power and that they can afford to own one or more of these ships in their own fleet.

The planes have been designed to allow carrying out actions and maneuvers different from those that a traditional plane can carry. Airplanes cannot weigh more than 5,600 kilos, and some may even be extremely light and be below 300 kilos (which is the case with ultralight airplanes that take place for a single person). The planes, in addition, are easier to maneuver due to this detail and therefore do not need such wide or extensive spaces either to take off or to land. This means that many planes can be used from relatively small fields and estates compared to most airports.

Other interesting data for airplanes is that they do not usually have a space for more than three or four passengers (not counting the crew), for which this type of aircraft is especially used as a method of private transport , as well as for excursions and very exclusive air tourism that only a few can afford. Finally, airplanes are also often used for advertising purposes and as pirouettes due to their ease of maneuvering.


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