Definition of Affinity

Affinity is known as that proximity, analogy or similarity that an individual shares with another or others . For example, when two people share tastes, thoughts, ideologies and even characters, it is said that these two people are related, that is, they maintain a certain affinity with each other.

Since the creation of man, he has been organizing himself into clans, tribes, social groups, among others and especially he has always done it by looking for those pairs with whom he shares motivations, tastes, among other issues and moving away from those with whom he does not share anything. and he doesn't even identify himself.
It will be because of this intrinsic characteristic of man that we could whimsically call the search for affinity, that a certain person enrolls in certain social groups and prefers to stay away from others who impose on him or have absolutely contrary considerations with respect to those who grew up and those who he acquired the product of growth and experience .
But affinity is not only reduced to other people, but it may also be that we experience affinity for certain things or objects . For example, a person who has an affinity for a certain color and then decides to paint his house or space with that color, because in that way he feels that that place identifies him and belongs to him even more.

Meanwhile, affinity is an easily detectable situation in any social environment , because although in the case of a meeting almost everyone at some point interacts with everyone without exception , it is also a reality that those who, even without knowing each other too much, start, thank you to the talk , to agree on various aspects, surely you can see them on one side of the meeting chatting animatedly about what they share. And on the contrary, those who do not find common ground, it will be inevitable to see them argue for their opposing positions.
From this it follows that affinity, on a strictly social level, is what most human beings aspire to in our relationships with others and although sometimes with a friend we do not share or agree on all ideas, there will always be something, a attitude , gestures, that make us like that person.


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