Definition of Abundant

The word abundant is a term that we use frequently in our language to account for what is presented in a very important and large quantity or that turns out to be numerous, numerous . The plate was abundant, I can't believe you were hungry. We need plenty of light to get the job done, so we'll do it in the morning .

Meanwhile, the word abundant is closely related to another extremely popular term, abundance . Abundance is nothing other than the great quantity that exists or is presented of something . It should be noted that the term is generally used to account for the large amount of money, wealth, that an individual possesses .
Then, when it is said that an individual lives in abundance or nothing in abundance , what he is referring to is the disposition of a significant amount of money, real estate or any other type of material possession that allows him to live comfortably, to realize shopping , traveling, eating in exclusive restaurants , among other pleasures.

Abundance is an extremely frequent issue on the planet we inhabit and that since time immemorial has aroused comments and controversies, because of course, always, faced with material abundance we find the opposite context, one in which lack rules.
To give us an idea of ​​the importance that the abundance issue has had historically, it is enough to mention the horn of plenty , a symbol created to represent prosperity and economic well-being and that was born far back in the 5th century BC to flag those who they had magnificent material riches. The mythology Greek was decisive when installing this image because it has been promoted as Amalthea raised Zeus goat, god of Greek gods with his milk, one turn, Zeus, broke one of the goat's horns and then, to compensate for such a situation, with his maximum power, Zeus, determined that whoever possessed the horn would also possess enormous material wealth .


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